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Graphic Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree

The graphic design program educates students in design methods, design theory, creative problem solving, and visual and verbal literacy. An emphasis is placed on visual components: how humans communicate, perceive, interpret, and understand visual information. The program fosters flexibility, which enables graduates to adapt to social, cultural, and technological change in graphic design. The program’s foundation is broadly based. Students begin with courses in fundamental aspects of visual studies. Upper division courses prepare them for graphic design positions in print and electronic media. An internship of 1-4 credits is required.


Graduate Program

The focus of your graduate work in the Graphic Design Track may include design theory, process, and methods related to design practice and research.  Potential areas of study include multicultural communication, visual representation of information, human interaction with designed objects, social and cultural implications of design, color systems and perception, design history, design education, and interactive design.  Students and faculty collaboratively develop designed objects and information resources that will enhance people’s lives.

Fall 2014 BFA Graphic Design Show

December 7 - 12th, 2014

Larson Gallery

St. Paul Student Center

Celebration date: Friday, December 12, 6-9:00 pm 



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