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Study Abroad




We highly encourage students to consider spending a semester abroad in their sophomore or junior year or joining a shorter excursion during any summer, winter or spring break. Exposure to other cultures is a critical component of every designer’s education. Students interested in a study abroad experience should work closely with their CDes academic adviser and the U of M Learning Abroad Center to learn about their options and outline their course of study. Careful program and course planning will help you stay on track for timely graduation.



Domestic Study Abroad






Our off-campus study programs are open to all students enrolled at the U of M, Twin Cities. See below to learn about these programs and everything they offer.

The National Student Exchange
Is a consortium of U.S. and Canadian colleges and universities, including the University of Minnesota. Students who attend a school within the NSE consortium can go on exchange to any other member school. That means you can go on exchange for a semester, summer or year to schools all over the United States (including Hawaii and Puerto Rico), as well as Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Canada! NSE provides academic opportunities and adventure. Imagine the academic choices you have when you can access courses from 190 schools! Think of the adventure, the diversity you can find among classmates and professors in new regions, and the cultural and geographical differences you can explore. NSE offers a unique chance to enhance and expand your personal and academic horizons.



HECUA (Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs)
HECUA is a nonprofit consortium based in St. Paul. It includes 17 colleges and universities, with the University of Minnesota among its founding members. HECUA strives to build knowledge and community while enabling students to create social change. HECUA's off-campus study programs address some of the most important issues of our time. Semester-long HECUA programs incorporate classroom studies, an internship, and field work.



Philosophy Camp
A 4-week summer class is truly a unique experience. Students and instructors live simply and thoughtfully on peaceful Minnesota prairieland. You'll literally create the class together while you're there.



Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program




The University of Minnesota's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) offers financial awards twice a year to full-time undergraduates for research or creative projects undertaken in partnership with a faculty member. It encourages students to conduct research and pursue academic interests outside of their regular courses by employing them to work on special research projects.

UROP provides stipends of up to $1400 and research expenses of up to $300 for undergraduate students working with a University of Minnesota faculty mentor. Undergraduates enrolled in at least 6 credits in any college on any campus are eligible to apply. Eligible faculty mentors are faculty members holding any type of appointment (including clinical, emeritus, adjunct, research associate, etc.) in any college on any campus. UROP students and their faculty mentors are often in different colleges and sometimes different campuses. The next UROP deadline for submitting proposals is February 24, 2014.



Goldstein Museum of Design Collection




The College of Design is one of the only schools with a design museum. The Goldstein Museum of Design’s collection contains over 31,100 objects and includes: Graphic Design: over 400 items; including journals important to graphic design profession, including Emigre, Fuse, & Portfolio. Apparel: over 22,000 from 1780 to present; almost 90% women’s; includes apparel for men and children; over 500 ensembles from countries such as China, Japan, India, Nigeria, Norway, and Guatemala. Objects are important references for historic trends, gender roles, and industrial innovation. Textiles: over 5,100 flat textiles; a wide variety of world surface design and weaving techniques./Decorative Arts/Applied Design: 2,500 objects; broad range of origins and materials, including industrial design.

GMD invites faculty and students to use the collection in coursework, research and other collaborative efforts. GMD's collection is not on permanent public display, however, many objects are available to view online. GMD's collection staff can also work with faculty and students to arrange a focused viewing of object for classes or individual research. To view objects from the GMD collection, please call (612) 625-2737 or email at least a week in advance.

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