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The Design Minor is an interdisciplinary program that spotlights the design process and shows how design thinking can be used as a catalyst for exploration and research. Choosing from a selection of both lecture and studio courses, students are introduced to the history, theory, and practice of design across multiple design disciplines. The design minor provides an integrated education in design where students enhance their learning by making connections between traditional design courses and non-traditional views of design.

With the Design Minor students may compose their own individual program in which they will:

understand the interdisciplinary nature of the design process
appreciate the role design plays in everyday life
experience design thinking and action
explore and expand their own design interests
understand how to work with designers in their chosen field

Undergraduate degree in graphic design from the University of Minnesota:

Program Type: Undergraduate free-standing minor
Required credits in this minor: 18





In order to be admitted into the design minor program, you must:

You must be in good academic standing, with a minimum 2.00 cumulative University of Minnesota GPA.
Apply online for the minor. The application should take just a couple of minutes.
*Note: If you are unsure about the minor and would like to speak to an adviser, complete the online application and include your questions in the final comment box. An adviser will contact you before processing your application.

In order to complete the design minor program, you must:

Take a minimum of 18 credits.
All coursework must be taken on the A/F grade base and completed with a C- or better.
A maximum of two courses taken for a major or another minor may be used toward the design minor. *Note: Study abroad or transfer courses must be approved by the design minor adviser.

Permission Numbers




Several GDes courses are open to Design Minor students. However, because these courses are required for graphic design majors, a limited number of seats in each are reserved for Design Minor students. Once those reserved seats have been taken, you will need to request a permission number. There is no guarantee that you will get a seat in a closed course, so register for a back-up course. If you have not received a permission number by the start of the semester, you may attend the first day of class to see if a seat is available for you.

Add your name to the waitlist.

If the waitlist on the registration system is already closed:

Send an email to request a permission number to
Include your name, your ID number, the course and section number, indicate that you are a design minor student, and a brief statement on why you want to take the course.

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