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Brad Hokanson, Ph.D.

Mertie Buckman Professor of Design


Specialties & Expertise

Critical thinking

Creativity and innovation

Course Titles (resident and outreach teaching)

DES 1111 Creative Problem Solving

DES 8164 Innovation Theory and Analysis

DES 5388 Graphic Design Research

HSEM 2106 Visual and Critical Thinking


Coursera Massive Online Open Course: Creative Problem Solving


Selected Scholarship 

Hokanson, B. (2015). The question as technology: Structure and use in education, Educational Technology 55(6) 14-24.

Bart, W. M., Hokanson, B., Sahin, I., Abdelsamea, M.A. (2015): An investigation of the gender differences in creative thinking abilities among 8th and 11th grade students. Thinking Skills and Creativity 17:17-24.

Im, H., Hokanson, B. & Johnson, K. (2015). Teaching Creative Problem Solving Skills: A Longitudinal Study, Clothing and Textiles Research Journal. [33] 129-142.

Hokanson, B. & McCluske, M. (2014). Creativity and a massive course: Experience and observations with teaching a MOOC, Educational Technology 54(5) 22-29.

Hokanson, B. & Karlson, R. (2013). Borderlands: Developing character strengths for a knowmadic world. On the Horizon. 21[2] 107-113. Emerald.

Hokanson, B. & Gibbons, A., (Editors.) (2014). Design in educational technology: Design thinking, design process, and the design studio. New York: Springer-Verlag. ISBN-13: 978-3319009261 |

Clinton, G. & Hokanson, B. (2012). Creativity in the training and practice of instructional designers: The Design/Creativity Loops Model. Educational Technology Research and Development. 60[1] 111-130.

Hokanson, B. & Miller, C. (2009). Role-based design: A contemporary framework for innovation and creativity in instructional design. Educational Technology 49(2) 21-28.

Hokanson, B. (2007). By measure: Creativity in design. Journal of Industry and Higher Education, 21(5) 353-359

Hokanson, B., & Hooper, S. (2001). Observations from a learning software design competition. Tech Trends, 45(2), 3-4.


Refereed Presentations

Hokanson, B. (2015). Creativity in education, a workshop at the Association for Educational Communication and Technology Conference, 2015, Indianapolis, Indiana. [11.4.15]

Hokanson, B. (2015). Design beyond content: Changing the focus of educational technology, a presentation at the IDD@UGA Conference 2015, Athens, Georgia. [8.21.15]

Lawrence, J. &. Hokanson, B. (2015). Peer evaluations and online learning, a paper presentation at the Wisconsin Distance Learning Conference 2015, Madison, Wisconsin. [8.13.15]

Hokanson, B. (2014 + 2015). Data Visualization for education, a workshop at the Wisconsin Distance Learning Conference, Madison, Wisconsin. [8.10.15, 8.11.15]

Hokanson, B &. Lawrence, J. (2015). Mixed marriage: Integrating massive online courses with degree programs, A presentation at the Minnesota eLearning Summit, 2015, Minneapolis, MN. [07.29.15]


Hokanson, B. and Bart, W. (2014). Creativity, state standards, and regional competiveness: A research project, a presentation at the American Creativity Association Conference 2014, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. [9.12.14]


Publications are available at


Professional, Institutional, and Community Leadership and Service

President-Elect 2016, Association for Educational Communications and Technology. AECT is the leading professional organization for instructional design and educational technology, with a membership over 2000 and international affiliates in 14 countries.

The design of learning experience: Creating the future of educational technology. Conceptualized, developed and presented the 2014 Summer Research Symposium for the Association of Educational Communication and Technology, Jacksonville, Florida. [7.16-18.14]

The Design of Learning Experience: the future of educational technology, led the 2014 Summer Research Symposium for the Association of Educational Communication and Technology, Louisville, Kentucky. [7.18-20.12]


Honors and Awards

2014 Presidential Award, AECT for the Summer Research Symposium




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