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As one of the most comprehensive design colleges in the country, the College of Design will be the recognized leader in advancing transformative thinking and practice, and reinventing our disciplines and professions for a new century.

In order to prepare our students to confront the real challenges, every graduate will:

Be able to apply design thinking as a way to address issues big and small confronting the local and world community.

Understand and be prepared for the social, environmental, and economic ramifications of each problem they address and every decision they make in their work.

Not only be able to conceive unique ideas, but be capable of implementing those ideas through actionable plans, projects, or strategies.

About The Program




The graphic design Bachelor of Fine Arts program educates students in design methods, design theory, creative problem solving, and visual and verbal literacy. An emphasis is placed on visual components, such as how humans communicate, perceive, interpret, and understand visual information. The program fosters flexibility, which enables graduates to adapt to social, cultural, and technological change in graphic design.

Undergraduate degree in graphic design from the University of Minnesota:

Program Type: Baccalaureate
Required credits to graduate with this degree: 120
Required credits within the major: 79 to 91
Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts

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College of Design Freshman Admissions Counselor:
Meagan Fleming
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